First trimester : week by week

12 Weeks Pregnant

12 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with you:

12 weeks of your pregnancy marks the end of your first trimester and any unpleasant symptoms you may have been suffering from like morning sickness, and fatigue is all but over.

However, you may experience some heartburn due to increases progesterone in your blood. The effects of heartburn can be reduced by eating smaller meals more frequently. You should also take care not to eat just before going to bed.

Another change that you may notice during week 12 is the dark vertical line (the linea nigra) that will begin forming down your stomach. Your areolas will also get darker and you may also observe some patches of skin on your face and neck also getting darker.

Applying creams on your skin that contain large amounts of Vitamin A should be stopped as this can harm your baby’s liver.

Your belly will continue to grow, but if you have a larger one that is not normal for 12 weeks then your doctor may decide to test and see if you are carrying twins or other multiples.

The good news is that at 12 weeks pregnant, the risks of miscarriage for both a single baby or multiples is reduced.

12 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with baby:

At 12 weeks pregnant, your baby has grown to about 2.5 inches long and their sex organs will have developed enough to be able to distinguish clearly whether the baby is male or female.

Even though you may not feel it yet, the baby will be busy moving and kicking around in your womb.


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