Second trimester : week by week

13 Weeks Pregnant

13 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with you:

Congratulations! At 13 weeks pregnant you are out of the danger zone and are most likely to carry your pregnancy to term should you continue eating a healthy diet for your growing baby.

However, you may begin feeling a slight pain in your lower abdomen during this week due to the rapid growth of your baby. It’s normal unless it is accompanied by cramps, bleeding or vomiting. Such symptoms should be addressed by a qualified healthcare professional immediately.

During week 13, your breasts will also continue to grow and because of an increase in blood flow in your body, you are likely to feel more energetic.

Sexual intercourse and orgasm for some women is reported to become very arousing during this week as well. It is due to an increase in sensitivity of your sexual organs because of the extra blood flow.

13 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with the baby:

At 13 weeks, your baby has grown to about 2.8 inches long. By the end of this week, the baby’s pancreas will begin making insulin and their eyes tend to move closer together too.

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