Second trimester : week by week

14 Weeks Pregnant

14 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with you:

14 weeks marks the beginning of your second trimester. You may begin a light exercise regimen at this point as you will feel much more energetic than you have been feeling in the previous weeks.

Avoid lifting weights or doing any other strenuous exercise though. Exercise such as walking and swimming are ideal.

You also have to watch out for constipation. If ignored, it can lead to painful hemorrhoids. Drink plenty of clean water coupled with a diet consisting of a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and you will not get constipated.

14 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with baby:

At 14 weeks, your baby’s eyes are still coming closer together and their ears move to the opposite sides of their head.

Your baby’s body is about 4 inches in length and is more proportionate in shape as his or her neck elongates out from their chest.

Lastly, your baby’s placenta is now how he or she receives food. You should avoid consuming or inhaling anything toxic like smoking, diet pills, over the counter medication or taking alcohol and caffeinated drinks as these will be ingested by your baby causing harm and possible congenital disabilities.

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