Third trimester : week by week

This is the final trimester of your gestation period. Your baby continues to grow and listens for sound in his or her immediate environment. You are at the highest risk of developing gestational diabetes during this period.

28 Weeks Pregnant

28 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with you?

At 28 weeks pregnant, you are in the last week of the seventh month of your pregnancy and may have gained about 24 pounds. You may experience more aches as your uterus expands to accommodate your growing baby.

Occasionally, the pain may be sharp. This is due to the fact that your baby has most likely changed positions to face head down. Their head may now press against your sciatic nerve on your spine causing a shooting pain or tingling sensation in your buttocks or legs.

Your doctor may want to perform a RhoGam test this week. This test determines the RH factor in your blood. If you are RH negative then your doctor will inject you with Rhogam during this week. The injection will prevent Rhesus disease or hemolytic disease from developing in your newborn baby.

28 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with the baby?

At 28 weeks pregnant your baby is about 15 inches long and his or her pupils can react to various degrees of light. Your baby may show you this ability by kicking whenever a bright light comes near your belly.

You should not make flashing light onto your belly (e.g. using a torch) a habit though as it will disrupt your baby’s natural awake and asleep pattern.

Your baby’s smooth brain will also now develop grooves this week like a normal human brain.

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