Third trimester : week by week

29 Weeks Pregnant

29 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with you?

At 29 weeks, you will have gained between 25 – 35 pounds by now and your belly will tend to get larger and rounder as you move closer to delivery.

You may experience some heartburn or swelling of your legs during this week. The heartburn can be avoided by eating smaller portions of food more often (every 2 hours or so). Be sure to eat a healthy meal or snacks like fruits and nuts. This will ensure that your baby is getting nutrients to grow properly. In addition, a healthy diet will help keep your weight within the normal range. You should also stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. The water intake will also help with the swelling of your legs. This swelling (edema) can also be avoided by engaging in light exercises regularly. Such exercise may include walking or swimming.

Lastly, you should start thinking about taking prenatal classes if you have not already begun. They are important as they will help prepare you emotionally for labour. From the classes, you will gain valuable knowledge about your pregnancy and especially knowledge about future birth. A cheaper alternative to going to class is taking online childbirth education classes like this one which costs $50 for the full 7 or 12 week course.

29 weeks pregnant – What’s going on with the baby?

At 29 weeks pregnant your baby is about 15 1/2 inches long and his or her lungs mature further as your placenta continues to provide all oxygen needed.

Your baby’s sensitivity to light, smell, sound and taste has increased and he or she may begin indicating preferences for certain flavors. The food you eat will impart flavour to your baby’s amniotic fluid which he or she occasionally swallows. According to research the sweeter the fluid, the more your baby will swallow!

Of course this should not encourage you to increase consumption of sweet processed foods like candy, chocolate, etc. Sweet fruits are much more beneficial and healthy for your growing baby.30 Weeks Pregnant

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